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  • 12 April 2024
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It's great that we have such a vibrant Acumatica community to get quick answers to questions and gain product knowledge! We have very active members jumping in to help others out all the time. The goal of the community is to respond to every member’s question so that no one goes away "empty handed".

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Acumatica 2024 R1 Update 2 Build 24.102.0053

How to add a custom report to the Site Map and assign permissions in 2024 R1


Shoutout to the following members who provided tips and assisted with unanswered questions this past week. Thank you for all your help!

@meganfriesen37  @jessica.pidgeon  @sdas09 
@DavidEichner  @darylbowman  @tusharpandita74 
@GrahamMartin  @Laura02  @aaghaei 
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Help a Fellow Community Member Out!

Here's the list of questions that need response for this coming week. Hopefully with everyone’s help we can clean some of these up which may help others seeking similar answers in the future. Grab one before they’re gone:sunglasses: !


Business Event -> trigger Action :Email Shipment" on Shipment Confirmed

Business Event to Update Max Qty (Replenishment) calculated from the Min Qty

Filter Invoices From Exporting to Shopify

Custom Date filters not working in Inventory Valuation report

Carton Content Label

Trace screen timeout

Login as user on Customer Portal

Adding comments to cases in the customer portal

Handling freight costs on PO

How many Pivot tables can a GI handle

How to put relative date in Automation Schedules

Payments with zero amount outcome

How to update Alloctted checkbox in Production Details screen.

2023R2 upgrade warning

Trying to access a GraphExtension variable in my javascript function

Second grid in splitcontainer, when delete not show save in action

set assembly Requirements

GL Access Account/SubAccount interaction question

Filter grid headers on key enter press

Processing screen to perform 1 action on a set of records instead of 1 action per record.

Microsoft Azure Files (not blob) Document Storage

Is there a way to put a Row Group Header Name in the Pivot Table?

Acumatica - Shopify Order Type Import Issue

Big Commerce Quotes vs Acumatica Quotes and Syncing

Acumatica / HubSpot integrations

Scheduling Method with Time

Sales Quotes Unit Price gets nulled after populating Customer field on the header

select Multiple Order Lines in Import scenario using ADD PO Lines Action on Purchase Receipts

Tax zones For Physical Service Location VS Bill to

Use/Spend stock for internal purposes

HubSpot Integration

How do I add Warehouse as a Parameter to the Historical Inventory Valuation Report?

Restrict visibility by task

Need Help Table Relationship to Get the Payment of all invoices which is Closed


Thank you all for your efforts! 

@Chris Hackett

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