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  • 17 March 2023
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Good morning,

We use entry types to deduct fees and other assorted items from our deposits.  Unfortunately in the General ledger the descriptions do not flow through from the Banking module.  I would like to be able to run a report on the amounts for each entry type. 

General ledger for credit card fees the lines are blank

Has anyone encountered this and could help a person out with getting this information?  Or has anyone modified the Account Details report to show this information?


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HI @VBrundage 

The only description that pulls is the Description on the Actual Bank Deposit:


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Yes, unfortunately that doesn’t help me track our credit card fees without looking at each individual transactions.  

Thank you….

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@VBrundage CA is not the only module with an unhelpful transaction description. On taxes and project transactions … we see the same issue. Over a year ago I created an “Idea” on the community that considering my account is not linked to a corporate I can not access it anymore to see at what stage it is. Please have a look to see if it has any progress and upvote if you like.

Meantime, if it is really important to you, a customization as follows is your go-to option:

  • Create a graph extension on CADepositEntry
  • Add a RowPersisting or RowPersisted (either will do the work) on GLTran DAC.
  • Inside the Event handler ‘Module=CA’ & ‘TranType=CDT’, get the source record from CADepositCharge where:
    • CADepositCharge.TranType = GLTran.TranType
    • CADepositCharge.RefNbr = GLTran.RefNbr
    • CADepositCharge.AccountID = GLTran.AccountID
    • CADepositCharge.SubID = GLTran.SubID
  • If a record is retrieved, then from CAEntryType retrieve the related record where CAEntryType.EntryTypeID =  CADepositCharge.EntryTypeID
  • If a record is retrieved, get its Descr field value and update the GLTran.TranDesc with it.
  • If you want you can combine CAEntryType.Descr with the CADeposit.TranDesc or any other values and use them as GL Transaction Description.

It is a pretty straightforward customization that can be done and tested and debugged within a day.

Considering the GL Batch Posting runs inside a LongOperation you might need to play a little bit more if the EventHandlers didn’t respond properly to move the logic to “Persist” method Where you can create a new Graph Instance and do further processing.


Cheers and Good Luck.



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