Consolidation int the same tenant - 2 Ledgers in one within the same tenant

Hello !

My client use two differents ledgers.

The first one is for accounting and official purpose.

The second one is for estimation and subledgers corrections.  It doesn’t need to be published fot accounting autorities. 


I need to consolidate both into a third that would give the real position of the subaccount.

(Users would like to keep using the standard screens like GL401000 & GL404000 wich very convenient).

At first, I thought use consolidation feature but is there any possibilies to make it work within only only one tenant ? 


Thank for your help. 



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To report ledgers summed together, try using ARM Financial Reports to create Balance Sheet, Income Statement/Profit & Loss, and/or Trial Balance style reports.

Financial Reports may have different ledgers in each column, with a Total column so you can see Accounting entries plus Estimations/Corrections = Real Position.


Your second and third columns will represent the Accounting and Estimation Ledgers. The last column will calculate the Total.


Thanks @Laura02  for replying


I hipped avoiding to create special ARM and keep users in standards screen such as balance.


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I feel certain none of the standard screens combines figures from two Ledgers.

Velix o is likely another good option (Excel) - though not a free option.



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