No carrier plug-ins available after upgrade to 2022R1

We had UPS Shipping Carrier integration working in Acumatica 2021R2.  We upgraded to Acumatica 2022R1 and although the license is there, we are not able to select the UPS Carrier Plug-in.  Feature is also still enabled.  See screenshots below.  Is there a customization that needs to be published to get the plug-in

s?  If so, where do I find those.  I appreciate any help.




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I’m not familiar with shipping carrier integration specifically, but it is possible that a customization needs to be re-published after an upgrade. To see customizations, go to Customizations → Customization Projects.

To publish them, contact your developer or support person to make sure the correct items are tested and are published in the correct way. Unpublished customizations are shows below. Published customizations will show Check mark ON in the “Published” column.


@dmazzullo77 your screen shows the top level of the enable, do you have the specific carriers enabled below that level as below?  This is on Enable / Disable CS100000



@dales50 Thank you for your reply.  Interesting that you have a sub menu with the specific carriers.  I do not have that on Enable / Disable CS100000.  Is your screenshot from 2022R1.  My build is Build 22.108.0024.  Which build do you have and is there any customization package? 

@dmazzullo77 I am using 2022R1 - The carrier service on  the Enable / Disable screen CS100000) was added in 2022R1.  The detail can be found on page 109 of the release note

I am not sure why this does not show for you

Integrations: Changing the Availability of Carrier Services for New Carriers

Previously, when a user enabled the Shipping Carrier Integration feature on the Enable/Disable Features (CS100000) form, all carrier services were available simultaneously. Acumatica ERP 2022 R1 introduces the ability to select the specific carrier services that will be used. These services are listed under the Shipping Carrier Integration feature.

@dmazzullo77 can you provide a screen capture such as below?  


@dales50 Here you go.


@dmazzullo77 I am sorry I do not have answer… my only suggestion at this point would be a created a support case

@dmazzullo77 I now believe this is a licensing issue on your 2022R1 version.  You should reach to your PAM or CSR at Acumatica to review 

@dales50  Thank you for responding.  I think it is licensing too and have been working on that.  What I don’t understand is why the license screen in Acumatica says they do have the license.

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Hi Everyone

Recently we resolved the issue by Updating the license for the customer. Please open a case with Acumatica for further assistance.



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