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  • 13 February 2023
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My application generates REST request which is used for creating Bills

This is my request for creating Bill


Body :


  "VendorRef": {

    "value": "1ABL-217i941"


  "DueDate": {

    "value": "3/2/2023"


  "Vendor": {

    "value": "V-06702"


  "Date": {

    "value": "1/31/2023"


  "Terms": {

    "value": "PWP"


  "PostPeriod": {

    "value": "01-2023"


  "Details": [


      "Description": {

        "value": "Line 001 - Gypcrete"


      "Qty": {

        "value": 1


      "UnitCost": {

        "value": "34573.2"


      "ExtendedCost": {

        "value": "34573.2"


      "Account": {

        "value": "5430"


      "SubcontractLine": {

        "value": "1"


      "SubcontractNbr": {

        "value": "234567"


      "rowNumber": {

        "value": "1"


This request is fully workable.

Bill is successfully created, however these 2 fields are missed

I can add them only via “Enter AP Bill” button


How to do same via request ?

Is is possible to omit actions usage ?

If not, how to do it properly

Previously, I had experience with default actions for Bill that are depicted at screen

For using them it was enough to send such request 

How to same with subcontracts ?


Client’s Acumatica already contains such actions for this entity

I assume that I need to use addSubContractLines action as I need to add these fields to Bill’s columns in Details

However this action does not contain any parameters

My question is : how to use action for adding these custom fields : SubcontractNbr and SubcontractLine to Bill and how to form such request ?

Thanks in Advance

27 replies

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Hi @Ivan  were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

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Hi @Ivan  were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

Hi Chris! No, currently its still now working


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