What you may have missed in the Acumatica Community! June, 2024

  • 8 July 2024
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Dear Community Member,

With so much going on in the Acumatica Community I have consolidated recent activities in case you missed anything.

Connect, Learn and Share


How to Answer Questions on Acumatica Community - We need everyone’s help!

Active Participation is needed from every Community user; everyone can provide valuable input using their individual skills and interests.  When more people participate, all members benefit - - we need diverse backgrounds, cultures, experiences, opinions, values and perspectives.


Megan Friesen - Acumatica Community Featured Member for July 2024

Meet Megan Friesen our Acumatica Community Featured Member for July 2024. It’s great to have you as part of the Acumatica Community @meganfriesen37!


Acumatica Community Webinar - Demystifying No Code Customizations - Thu, June 27, 2024 - Recording

This webinar continues the focus on some of the do’s and don’ts of publishing, creating actions and conditions, adding new fields, modifying workflows, combining customizations and business events, and understanding the makeup of a screen.  Tips and tricks will be sprinkled throughout.


Product update announcements

Acumatica 2024 R1 Update 6 Build 24.106.0018

Acumatica 2023 R2 Update 13 Build 23.213.0015

Acumatica 2024 R1 Update 7 Build 24.107.0004

Acumatica 2024 R2 Preview 2

Acumatica 2023 R1 Update 19 Build 23.119.0015


Tech tips and helpful information

Known issue: If a user generated the Pay Stubs report by clicking Display Pay Stubs on the payment batch, the system did not include all employees in the report

Known issue: In some cases, on the Configuration Maintenance form, no rule records were uploaded from the file

How to resolve the "File type heic is not allowed" or "File type pvt is not allowed" errors

Error adding Action Execution to Business Event

Known issue: In specific updates of Acumatica ERP 2024 R1, in rare cases, Product Availability sync could fail with the "The request message was already sent. Cannot send the same request message multiple times." error message

Known issue: In some cases, the export of product availability information to a Shopify store failed due to the "The template item could not be synchronized because some of its matrix items have not been found in the external system" error

After an upgrade to Acumatica ERP 2024 R1 and later major versions, users could lose access to custom generic inquiries and forms due to changes in the logic of setting restriction levels for system objects

Known issue: In certain updates of Acumatica ERP 2024 R1 and 2023 R2, in some cases, users could not release retainage for AP bills associated with projects due to the "Error: 'Subaccount' cannot be empty" error

Customer Portal Payments Customization

Known issue: In Acumatica ERP 2024 R1 and 2023 R2, in some cases, the "Operand data type NULL is invalid for max operator" error appeared when a user tried to process the item on the Recalculate Inventory form

IsActive Method in DAC and Graph Extensions

How to Override the Default Navigation for DAC

Attributes Aggregation

Known issue: If a user tried to save a negative move transaction for a production order, the system displayed the "Updating item InventoryID in warehouse WarehouseID quantity available will go negative" error

How to resolve the issue when employee ID from the Customer/Vendor value of a project transaction is not copying to a Vendor column of the corresponding pro forma invoice line

Known issue: The Project WIP (PM651500) and Project WIP Details (PM652500) reports could show an incorrect the Remaining Contract amount

Ability to sync Payment terms from Shopify Order to Acumatica Sales Order

Known issue: On the Cash Sales form, users could delete released documents of the Cash Sale and Cash Return types, which were not associated with sales invoices

Known issue: On a user attempt to save a customer payment method, the system returned the following error: An error occurred during processing of the field Value: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Attribute Adjuster

Known issue: In some cases, if a user attempted to open the Assignment and Approval Maps form, the following error occurred: Unable to cast object of type 'PX.Objects.AP.Standalone.APQuickCheck' to type 'PX.Objects.AP.APPayment'

Known issue: On a user attempt to sign in to HMRC Making Tax Digital on the External Applications form, the system returned the following error: Application not found

Attend Training Sessions and Earn CPE Credits

Known issue: When a user tried to run billing for a service order or appointment, the system returned the following error: 'Line Type' cannot be empty

FIXED For Process Shipment: Updating the 'SOPackageDetail' record failed because data in some field is too long

Known issue: Users experienced performance issues when working with the License Monitoring Console form

Known issue: In rare cases, the "The entry form (ID: AR303000, title: Customers) cannot be automated" error could occur when a user was opening the Customers (AR3030PL) substitute form

Known issue: In the Acumatica mobile app, a user could not open a project quote from the Approvals screen due to the "Server Error (404)" error

Known issue: In Acumatica ERP 2024 R1, if a user published a customization project with a customization plug-in to multiple tenants, the system published all the project content except the plug-in and returned the error

Known issue: The DeviceHub application was not reconnected if the Acumatica ERP instance was restarted

Known issue: In some cases, when a non-raw document (an Acumatica report) and a raw document (a document with the ZPL format) were selected for printing together on the Print Jobs form in Acumatica ERP, the print job was discarded



Acumatica Customer Newsletter - June 2024

Acumatica Partner Newsletter - June 2024

Acumatica ISV Newsletter - June 2024

Acumatica Newsletter - June 2024


Don’t miss! - Upcoming events

Master Distribution KPIs: Your Path to Sustainable Growth - July 09, 2024 10:00 am - 11:00 am PST

Finish Construction Projects on Time with Acumatica - July 11, 2024 10:00 am - 10:45 am PST

Supercharge Manufacturing Operations with Real-time Analytics - July 16, 2024 10:00 am - 11:00 am PST

Unlock Financial Insights with Acumatica Cloud ERP - July 18, 2024 10:00 am - 10:45 am PST

Overcome Distribution Challenges: Inventory, Purchasing, and Warehousing - July 23, 2024 10:00 am - 10:45 am PST

Profit-Boosting Amazon Strategies for Retailers, Manufacturers, Distributors, and Wholesalers - July 25, 2024 10:00 am - 10:45 am PST

Unlock Your Potential: Acumatica Workshop for Experienced Consultants; Denver, CO Sept 16-19, 2024


Did you miss? - Past events

Eliminating Data Blind Spots with Acumatica, Celigo, and Velixo - June 12, 2024 11:00 am - 11:45 am PST

Scaling Your Construction Business with Acumatica: A Webinar for Concrete, Foundation, and Paving Contractors - June 25, 2024 11:00 am - 11:45 am PST

Acumatica Community Webinar - Demystifying No Code Customizations Part 2 - June 27, 2024 - Thu, Jun 27, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PST

The Amazon Effect: Profit-Boosting Strategies for Retailers, Manufacturers, Distributors, and Wholesalers - June 27, 2024 10:00 am - 10:45 am PST


That's it for now folks but I'm sure there will be a lot more soon! Take a moment to get in on the questions, conversations and ideas in the Acumatica Community and make your voice heard!


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