Snapshot Deletion Timeout

  • 30 May 2023
  • 4 replies

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I’m trying to delete a large (50GB+) snapshot. I keep getting a timeout error. How do I delete this thing?

4 replies

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Hi @Michael Hansen 

can you reach out to Acumatica on this, May be they need to increase execution time inorder to process the request?

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Hi @Michael Hansen 

Instead of deleting the entire 50GB+ snapshot at once, you can try deleting it in smaller chunks. You can split the snapshot into multiple smaller snapshots, each representing a portion of the original snapshot's data. Then, delete these smaller snapshots individually. This approach can help overcome timeout issues and ensure successful deletion.



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I saw that the reply from @sweta68 got marked as best answer, but it’s not scalable. Everyone is getting bigger, not smaller. What happens when the small chunks become too large to delete? Needing to get support involved every time you need a deletion cannot be the answer. We need a scalable solution for this platform.

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@Michael Hansen  Usually, Database backup file restoration is recommended approach if a snapshot is having a size in huge. Usually, httpRuntime executionTimeout will have "300" seconds, hence it is timing out.

I suggest you to raise a support case for this, and ask them to delete and share the solution as well.


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