Performance issue: users are complaining system (Build 20.203.0028) run slower than before which is 2020R1

  • 16 December 2020
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I’ve read the post

But I am still wondering, Is anyone else experiencing this same kind of feeling?    

 After our upgrade from 2020r1 to 2020r2 (Build 20.203.0028), users are saying the system is obviously run slower than before.    

  • Like placing SO lines, it would take more time to get the inventory id filled in.    
  •  Like saving a document, it would take more time to complete.    

Which means they feel OK before, and feel bad after. The hardware and users did not change.

 I don’t know. Is it an illusion? Or is it really due to some new features bring in by 2020r2 that would cost more system resources?       Can someone give me some guidance to make system run faster, like turn off any unessential features?


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3 replies

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Hello @ray20, sorry for the long reply.

Such requests only can be handled site-by-site/on a specific occurrence as performance depends on a lot of factors: IPS, tenant data, custom inquiries, schedulers & business events volume, specific features and features combinations, workflows customized, customizations, and ISV solutions published.

We keep application performance monitored and hold it within the optimal threshold range for major releases.

I can’t recall any specific performance bugs around 2020 R2. Also, I can actually confirm that we receive much fewer performance cases related to this version, so from the support standpoint, 2020 R2 looks much better than previous versions.

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@Irina Thank you for confirming this.
It turns out later might be our cloud infrastructure supplier encountered poor network at that time. So the users were experiencing a longer response during that time. Now, everything is OK.
Thank you for all your replies. 
Thank you for all the help gave to us.

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@ray20, you are welcome!


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