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  • 18 June 2022
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So my DB has significantly increased in size. I suspect the culprit are orphaned snapshots. I had the warning signed in System → Tenants, that there were at least 2 orphaned snapshots but when I clicked on optimize database to remove does orphaned snapshots I got an error almost immediately and then the warning sign disappeared. 

Is there a way I can manually check in the SQL database to see if there are any orphaned snapshots and to delete all those records from the database?

Also when I check the database size in the Acumatica Interface by going to System - Tenants - View Space Usage, it shows the database size is 110GB in total - but SQL Management Studio shows the Database Size is almost 300GB and when I do a manual backup thats about the size of the .bak file... 

Any pointers as what I can do to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated.



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We had a similar experience and eventually identified that someone had turned on logging in the Request Profiler screen.  Check to see that is the same issue by going to the Request Profiler screen:


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Hi Boulton,

i assume the Tenant Space Usage gives you a summary the space currently used by tenants and snapshots. 
On the other hand, SQL Management Studio shows you the actual total size of the database file which should include used space as well as non-reused blocks . Please note that when removing tenants or snapshots should reduce the space usage but not the physical size of the database. For that a database shrink will be needed from time to time according to the rate of data inserting and deleting. 



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