2021R2 Product Availability Sync Issue - IdentifyNoteID parameter out of range?

  • 7 April 2022
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Upgraded to 2021R2 and running through full resync of relevant entities - Sales Category → Stock Item → Non Stock Item → Template Item. Got to Product Availability, and encountered a new error I’ve not previously seen: 

Error: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values.Parameter name: IdentifyNoteID

Steps: Ran a ‘Full’ Prepare request for Product Availability Entity (previous automation schedules inactive since just prior to cutover to new release). Attempt to Process records. Encountered error above. The records do not appear to fail (ie, do not move to a failed or aborted status in Sync History), but just remain in the ready to process queue. 

I’ve approached this from both the prepare/process screens and from the sync history screen, and keep encountering the same error. 

Acumatica Trace from this screen:

Right now I don’t have a means to reconcile product availability since our cutover 72 hours ago, which is problematic. 


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@Phil Sorry to hear this. Please create a case with Acumatica Support, we need to check your database. 

Also, is this happening to all the items are only to few? May be clearing the Product Availability records and doing a full sync might help. But we need to check your Acumatica. 

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Please try to open Generic Inquiry with name “BC-StorageDetails”

and click Reset to Default


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@KarthikGajendran and @smarenich - Thanks for your quick feedback. The GI reset failed to change the outcome, so on your recommendation our VAR has opened a case to investigate this issue. I’ll post the ultimate resolution here in the event it might help other merchants.

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Hi @Phil were you able to resolve your issue? Thank you!

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@Chris Hackett - Yes, issue isolated to a BCSOCustomFields customization, which appears to have been unpublished/republished in such a way during our upgrade that when we disabled it again the issues with product availability went away. Interestingly, we later republished to confirm that customization was indeed getting in the way and we were unable to replicate the previous sync issues. Perhaps the various customizations just got hung up on themselves - no sure - but the issue is behind us now (thankfully). 


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