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Amazon Integration - Information and Managed Availability Sign-up

  • 8 February 2022
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Amazon Integration - Information and Managed Availability Sign-up
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Updated 10/27/23


The following information answers many of the common questions about Acumatica’s Amazon Connector and our Managed Availability Program.

At the bottom we provide a link to sign up for managed availability. This does not commit you to anything. Only let’s us know you’re interested and we’ll grant you access to additional information.

General Information

  • The Acumatica Amazon Connector works with 23R1 and beyond
  • The solution primarily focuses on back-office efficiencies and accounting
    • Pushing inventory levels to Amazon
    • Pulling in Amazon (FBA and FBM) orders
    • Push shipping notifications/tracking info to Amazon (FBM)
    • Pull in Amazon Payments and Fees
    • Statement reconciliation via Bank Feeds
    • Personal Identifiable Information Protection (PII)
    • More info below
  • It supports FBA and MFN/FBM merchants
  • Merchants use it to sell on and
  • Current merchants are selling in the US, Canada and Mexico
    • New regions can be enabled
    • Requires engagement with the customer
  • Merchants are using this solution to process thousands of orders per day

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I acquire the connector?

  • The Amazon Integration is a licensed product associated with the Retail Edition and can be added to any other Edition as an Add-on

What version will the connector work with?

  • The Amazon connector is designed 22R2 and beyond

Does it support FBA and MFN (FBM) merchants?

  • Yes it supports both FBA and MFN (FBM) merchants.

What does Acumatica’s Amazon Connector support?

Below is a list of the most popular features. If there are specific challenges you are facing with Amazon, reach out to us and we can discuss how our solution can help resolve those challenges.

  • MFN/FBM Orders:
    • Export inventory availability to Amazon
    • Import Orders as Sales Orders
    • Import Amazon Order Related Fees
      • Associate each fee with an Entry Type in Accounting
    • Export Shipping Notification and Tracking info
  • FBA Orders:
    • Import FBA Orders as Sales Invoices
    • Import Amazon Order Related Fields
      • Associate each fee with an Entry Type in Accounting
    • Track FBA Inventory with a Virtual Warehouse in Acumatica
  • Accounting:
    • Import Amazon Order Related Fees and automatically associate with Entry Types
      • Helps identify “per unit profitability”
    • Reconcile Amazon Statements with Acumatica’s Bank Feeds module
      • Makes the reconciliation process much faster, automated, easier
    • Create Dashboards and Reports specific to your Amazon Business
  • Personal Identifiable Information Protection
    • A security certificate is installed which encrypts customer data in the REST API and within the ERP Database
    • FBA orders:
      • All orders are associated with 1 “Amazon Customer” customer record.
      • PII data is not retained
    • MFN/FBM orders:
      • Orders are imported with customer information on the sales order
      • No customer record is created
      • Once the order is shipped, customer data is pseudonymized (based on a schedule)
        • A user with the correct level of rights can un-pseudonymize data
      • A schedule can be configured to archive all MFN customer data

Will I need an Amazon Developer API Key?

  • NO. We have built an Amazon App for the Seller Central Marketplace. This app is used to establish a connection between Amazon and Acumatica via OAuth technology. Merchant’s using Acumatica’s integration are not required to receive their own keys.

Which API are you using for this project?

  • We are using the new Selling Partner API, not the old MWS API.

Which regions will be supported?

  • Today we have merchants using the solution to sell in the US, Canada and Mexico. We are currently working with customers in the UK.
  • If merchants need additional regions, we can enable them however we must work with the customer on this.

I want to implement the solution, what do I do?


Great! Please contact your Acumatica VAR or go to and click the “Schedule a Demo” button in the header.

We will be in touch with you shortly and help you get started.


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That’s a great question @tadeo23 

Currently, no, there is nothing specific in Acumatica to serve Merchants who are utilizing Amazon Flex in Mexico, however, to your point this is simply a “Ship Via” method for FBM merchants. It may be possible to associate the appropriate Amazon orders with a “Ship Via” which represents Amazon Flex, then the Amazon Flex application is used for delivering those goods locally.

Of course, this would need to be investigated. 

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Hey Josh!  

Does the connector allow for information that can be placed into the fields required for Lot tracking?  If not, how would this be accomplished?  We’re an FBA & FBM merchant.  Currently we’re routing these orders through Shopify, but would like to get this flowing through the Amazon connector if we can.  Our VAR told us that this limitation is a deal breaker, but I feel there is a workaround for this.  Feel free to email me directly, I know you have my contact info. ;) 




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Hi everyone - @jamesh had a good question about importing custom data via the Amazon integration and I followed up for more info via email. But I wanted to share the following with the rest of you. 

Our native integrations with Amazon, Shopify and BigCommerce offer tools for controlling how data flows back and forth between the 2 systems. 

For instance, if you add a custom field in your ecomm system, and that field is recorded with the eComm order, then technically you could pull that field of data into Acumatica and push the data into a specific Acumatica field.

This is done in the Entities window within the Commerce tab. Below is a screenshot of the Amazon connector related to the Sales Order. As you can see, you can map and filter data coming from Amazon before it’s imported into the ERP’s database. 

The Entities window is a pretty powerful tool. This is what you use to modify data flow for merchant’s specific workflows, product information, customer information, etc. All done with no code tools. Hope that helps! 


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With the Amazon connector, is there an option to purge the PII data after a period of time?



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Does the connector allow flexibility in mapping fields to accommodate thing like speechifying a reason code for the sale order line like the eCommerce integration?  This is a requirement for a customer who needs to post Amazon orders, from multiple Amazon sites, to a specific sales account..


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