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Amazon Integration - Information and Managed Availability Sign-up

  • 8 February 2022
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Amazon Integration - Information and Managed Availability Sign-up

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That’s a great question @tadeo23 

Currently, no, there is nothing specific in Acumatica to serve Merchants who are utilizing Amazon Flex in Mexico, however, to your point this is simply a “Ship Via” method for FBM merchants. It may be possible to associate the appropriate Amazon orders with a “Ship Via” which represents Amazon Flex, then the Amazon Flex application is used for delivering those goods locally.

Of course, this would need to be investigated. 

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Hey Josh!  

Does the connector allow for information that can be placed into the fields required for Lot tracking?  If not, how would this be accomplished?  We’re an FBA & FBM merchant.  Currently we’re routing these orders through Shopify, but would like to get this flowing through the Amazon connector if we can.  Our VAR told us that this limitation is a deal breaker, but I feel there is a workaround for this.  Feel free to email me directly, I know you have my contact info. ;) 




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Hi everyone - @jamesh had a good question about importing custom data via the Amazon integration and I followed up for more info via email. But I wanted to share the following with the rest of you. 

Our native integrations with Amazon, Shopify and BigCommerce offer tools for controlling how data flows back and forth between the 2 systems. 

For instance, if you add a custom field in your ecomm system, and that field is recorded with the eComm order, then technically you could pull that field of data into Acumatica and push the data into a specific Acumatica field.

This is done in the Entities window within the Commerce tab. Below is a screenshot of the Amazon connector related to the Sales Order. As you can see, you can map and filter data coming from Amazon before it’s imported into the ERP’s database. 

The Entities window is a pretty powerful tool. This is what you use to modify data flow for merchant’s specific workflows, product information, customer information, etc. All done with no code tools. Hope that helps! 


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With the Amazon connector, is there an option to purge the PII data after a period of time?




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