Weird issue: Admin. can see the GI but users lost it

  • 24 May 2022
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The report exists on my end.  I can see it under Data views. See screenshot.  However, Emily and other users can’t view it anymore.  She used it this morning.  I looked at the security.  I review the GI but nothing pops out on what the issue could be.  I tried moving it to a different module and the moved it back.  Any ideas?



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3 replies

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Check Access Rights by Screen for the GI under Data Views.

If all rows show Not Set, the GI will be globally viewable. 

If it’s secured for one or more Roles, then only those Roles will be able to access it.

Lastly, if the license restricts access to certain tables, the query will not be available.

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Hi @EvanG 

Since a working GI with access permission is not accessible for some users now, not sure what could have gone wrong other than access permission. 

  • You can try reassign permission to any one user role assigned to the users who have the issue ( revoke access, save access rights by screen, grant access and save )
  • If it still fails, for testing, try copy the GI, create a new GI and add on new site map node and check if that is accessible. 

Let us know if this helps,


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@vkumar  Thank you for your response.  It work.  Long story but here is the short version.  Somehow, certain users lost permissions to the roles.  I had to reestablish there roles, and the update the Security access back on the GI,  I appreciate your support.  Thank you,


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