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  • 15 February 2023
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What data tables hold the items currently in totes? I’d like to list all the totes active in the system and then display their contents. I just can’t seem to find the data tables holding this information. Anyone know where to look?




Best answer by Doug Johnson 17 February 2023, 21:56

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Hello, I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “in totes” and “list all totes active in the system “, can you provide an example screen shot of an Acumatica screen or report where you see the totes? I hope seeing examples will help us to answer your question. Thank you.

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In the automated Pick/Pack/Ship module, you can items into totes. When you scan an item it will say something like Item A, qty 1, Scanned to tote 01A. I want to find that tote and all it’s contents.


This came up because on the very LAST item you scan, the tote is not given, so no one knows what tote it is in. I want to display all the totes and their contents since the system won’t tell me on the screen when I’m scanning.

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I believe the table called SOPickerListEntry may have this information. I did a wave pick with one shipment and one inventory item and here is what I got when I picked 40.

Inquiry selecting a few fields from SOPickerListEntry table


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I dumped that whole table to an inquiry and none of fields have a Tote ID. Did you bind to another table by chance? Here is an export of every field I have for that table.


Object Data Field
SOPickerListEntry BasePickedQty
SOPickerListEntry BaseQty
SOPickerListEntry CreatedByID
SOPickerListEntry CreatedByID_Description
SOPickerListEntry CreatedByScreenID
SOPickerListEntry CreatedDateTime
SOPickerListEntry EntryNbr
SOPickerListEntry ExpireDate
SOPickerListEntry ForceCompleted
SOPickerListEntry HasGeneratedLotSerialNbr
SOPickerListEntry InventoryID
SOPickerListEntry InventoryID_Description
SOPickerListEntry IsUnassigned
SOPickerListEntry LastModifiedByID
SOPickerListEntry LastModifiedByID_Description
SOPickerListEntry LastModifiedByScreenID
SOPickerListEntry LastModifiedDateTime
SOPickerListEntry LocationID
SOPickerListEntry LocationID_Description
SOPickerListEntry LotSerialNbr
SOPickerListEntry OrderLineUOM
SOPickerListEntry PickedQty
SOPickerListEntry PickerNbr
SOPickerListEntry Qty
SOPickerListEntry ShipmentNbr
SOPickerListEntry SiteID
SOPickerListEntry SiteID_Description
SOPickerListEntry SubItemID
SOPickerListEntry UOM
SOPickerListEntry WorksheetNbr



I feel like you’re on the right path though, I’m going to fumble around with this some more and see if I can find where the TOTE ID lives :D

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NVM, you just need to bind it to SOPickerToShipmentLink

I bound on PickerNbr, ShipmentNbr, and SiteID. I don’t think I needed SiteID, but it isn’t hurting anything. I ran left joins so I could also capture toteless single picks as well.

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Glad you figured it out. In my system, I only had to grab the one table. I am using 2023 R1 Beta.


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For the readers following along, the version that required two tables was: 

Acumatica 2022 R1
Build 22.107.0022


Your may have different results, good luck my friends!

@Doug Johnson - Thanks for the push in the right direction, once you got me there, I was able to DAC Browser myself to victory!!!!


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