LEFT function on an attribute/UDF

  • 4 August 2022
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I created an attribute/User Defined Field for sales orders.  The purpose if to allow selectable text which will then be printed on the Sales Order form.  Everything works as expected until I try to print the information.

It is a multi-select combo type.

I added the “…….” at the end of each because Acumatica joins all selected values into one field.  I need to print each value on a separate line.  So I was going to create text boxes for characters 1-70, 71-140, etc. on my printed form.  (It seems to truncate if I just use spaces instead of “.”s)


On the sales order, I select the values I want to print on the sales order form.

To print the first one selected above, I created a text box with this value:

=Left( [SOOrder.AttributeFORWARDER],10 )   This was just a test, I will want more characters.

*****When I print the sales order, this field prints ALL of the selected values, it does not just print the first 10 characters as expected.******  THIS IS THE PROBLEM I NEED TO RESOLVE****


This is how the data looks when I examine the DAC  (this all prints even though I specified just the 1st 10 characters:


6 replies

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Let me just say upfront I’m not that familiar with the use of UDF’s in this context. So my advice is purely based on looking at your screenshot.

In your screenshot, I noticed that this seems to be a multi-select with the option to choose one or many options, via the checkboxes next to each value.

So before we get into the issue with the LEFT function, I’m just curious what happens if you only click the checkbox next to one of the values in the dropdown. Does that lead to only printing out the checked value, and not the others?

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Hi @ltussing03 

As a first step, I don’t think we need to add dots (…...) at the end of each field.

Since it is a multi-selector field, when we select the multiple values from this field and when you read it from the UDF field, each value will be separated with a comma. 

I don’t see any issue with the LEFT function, it should work as is. If possible can you please share your report here?


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Thanks, my report is attached

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Rosenjon, yes Acumatica only stores what you check in the DB, so it only prints what you have checked.

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Hi @ltussing03 - were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

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Not really.  Just manually altered the data.


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