INItemSiteHistDay.QtyIn (and QtyOut) not available for formula or selection criteria

  • 17 January 2022
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I am using INItemSiteHistDay to write a GI for inventory aging.  The field INItemSiteHistDay.QtyIn is available for the results grid.  However, INItemSiteHistDay.QtyIn and INItemSiteHistDay.QtyOut are not available for formulas or selection criteria.  I need the QTY for every transaction in and out of inventory and these seem like the 2 fields I need.  I’m unsure why they are only available to the results grid.

Thanks for any guidance!


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5 replies

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Hi @ltussing03 

INItemSiteHistDay.QtyIn  and INItemSiteHistDay.QtyOut will NOT be available for in GI formulas, because these are NOT bound fields instead of calculated fields dynamically.

If you review the INItemSiteHistDay DAC file, you will understand how calculations are happening for the QtyIn and QtyOut.



QtyIn =  INItemSiteHistDay.qtyReceived + INItemSiteHistDay.qtyTransferIn + INItemSiteHistDay.qtyAssemblyIn


QtyOut = INItemSiteHistDay.qtyIssued + INItemSiteHistDay.qtySales + INItemSiteHistDay.qtyCreditMemos + INItemSiteHistDay.qtyTransferOut + INItemSiteHistDay.qtyAssemblyOut


In the GI formula, you can use the above fields instead of QtyIN and QtyOut.


Hope this helps!!

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It sure does help!



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So many of Acumatica users are in need of an inventory aging report.  If you are so inclined, please tell us more about your report and how it is working.  

Hey @ltussing03  were you able to create a report for aging? I’ve been trying to create a GI and have been unsuccessful.



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@ipenrod - Check out Tim Rodman’s Generic Inquiry and Pivot tables course.  He has an example of how to create an Inventory Aging Report in his appendix of Tips and Tricks.


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