How to set the visibility of the Detail Section’s header?

  • 15 April 2024
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Can I know if is there a way to set the visibility of the Detail Section’s header to appear on a page without keeping it as ‘Print on every page = True’ if only the Detail Section has been populated in that specific page? Please check the below attachments. It depicts the 2nd page of the report.

Repot Preview



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9 replies

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Hi @malinthawarnakulasooriya08 ,

I tried to find a way to accomplish this but no luck so far 😔.  My thought was to move the headings into a separate detail section before the line details, increment a variable to keep track of the lines on the each page, and print the heading section only before the first line on each page.

Where I ran into trouble is with resetting the line counter for each page.  I cannot get this working in either the page header or footer.  It may be a limitation, or perhaps one of my settings is incorrect.  

Maybe another expert out there can help to figure this out!


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@malinthawarnakulasooriya08 Without seeing exactly how your report is setup there may be a better option, but one option may be to handle this similar to how other reports such as AR641000.rpx use a groupFooter section to display “Continued...” if the page count isn’t equal to the last page.


You can review that report for a better look, but the main idea is to set the group ProcessOrder = Always and then set the visibility to something like [PageIndex] = 1. I’ve never tried it on a header section that involves actual fields, so hard to tell exactly how the ProcessOrder may impact other fields, especially variables, but it may be worth a try.


If that doesn’t work, can you attach your RPX file here to review?

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Thank you so much @lauraj46 for your valuable effort and explanation. Yes, I'm eagerly awaiting a piece of advice from another expert in this regard.

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Hi @malinthawarnakulasooriya08 I just want to make sure I understand the request, you want the header to not display if the Detail section is empty, correct?

If that is the case, then I would recommend to put a visibility condition on the header to specify to only show if the CROpportunityProducts.LineNbr > 0, and set the Process Order to Always.

Here’s how it worked for me:

Then when I check a quote which has no detail lines:

Then if the quote had detail lines:

Let me know if that is along the lines of what you’re looking for.


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Thank you so much @BenjaminCrisman for the valuable reply, but this is not what i meant. Please check the below screenshot of my modified CRQoute report.

CRQoute Report 

As in above i have included few new group footer sections to the report. I have been set the ‘Print on every page = True’ for the Table header of the details sections. But when report gets paginate a issue like below occurs. Please check the below screenshots. That means when the report getting paginate and in the last page of the report, the Detail section’s header appears without the line details on it. As line details are over from the page 4. I just need to appear the Header of the detail section(Line level table headers) up to the page 4 only without appearing it on the last page.   

Page 4 of the report
Page 5 of the report

Here with I'm attaching the report rpx file for your further reference. Thank you very much for your great support.


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@malinthawarnakulasooriya08 Does this happen when you actually print the report? Or only in Report Designer preview?

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@BenjaminCrisman It happens when actually print the report. In the downloaded repot PDF it is prevail like above. Earlier attached screenshots also, I got from the downloaded report’s PDF. 

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 @malinthawarnakulasooriya08 I believe I was able to get this working, though I made no less than 1.2bn changes to the report which I am unsure of all of them and I’m certain I didn’t go back and fix them all according to how you had the report, but I’ve attached it anyway, maybe you can copy out the part you need.

What I did was create a new grouping and set the Reset Group of the $LineNbr variable, to this new group:

Then I print the report:

Page 1
Page 2

You can see that the footer details are pushing the last couple lines onto another page, but there is no LineNbr there:

To be honest though, I don’t really know why it works, but it does for me :)

Hope it helps you too

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Thank you very much @BenjaminCrisman for your valuable effort and the response. I followed some of your steps. Now it is working nicely as I expected.


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