Help to debug Generic Inquire generated query

  • 14 June 2024
  • 4 replies

Hello everyone,

I'm working on a tool to convert GIs to SQL Queries for an external tool, and when debugging the generated Acumatica SQL query for one of my Generic Inquiry I see that it has a LEFT JOIN to the ARPayment table, but I can't find any reference to ARPayment in the GI's editor, or in the GI's exported XML file. The ARPayment is neither a BaseType DAC for any of the DACs used in the GI.


These are the tables in the GI:

And all relations:


The generated query used to retrieve the GI data has this LEFT JOIN:


There is no reference to the ARPayment in the selected fields also.


Does someone have any clue as to why this join is being added?




4 replies

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Could you post your Results tab?

Hi, @darylbowman,

Here are the Results Grid tab:

Results Grid 1/2
Result Grid 2/2




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I was looking for something like this, where you’re using a field that is available but not able to be displayed without the system performing an extra table join, but I’m not really seeing anything related to ARPayment.


Does the generated query also include the results? Can you see what information is being returned by [SOInvoice_ARPayment]?

The results do not appear to have any SOInvoice_ARPayment related data. The joins to resolve the descriptions fields are expected and I can understand, but I can't trace the source of the join to ARPayment.


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