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  • 13 May 2024
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All, I have a pretty rudimentary GI. I need to filter values with a check box. So I created a parameter and then a condition. Essentially, if the check box is checked I need this to be true:


If the SOLine.ReasonCode = ‘PENDING’, then do not display those pending orders in the results.

This is what I have. When I click the No Pending check box, all records disappear. I’m not sure where to include the [SOLine.ReasonCode]<>'PENDING'



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3 replies

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@swartzfeger From what I see you are using a schema just called <checkbox> in the parameter configuraiton. This should instead be the schema of the field you are looking to filter out, the Reason Code.

In the case you want the GI to always filter out PENDING reason codes, it might be best to just set this in the conditions tab instead.

In the case you want to be able to view the results but just optionally filter out the PENDING lines, then do as mentioned in the first paragraph and use the schema field for the reason code and make sure to set the in the condition tab, 2 lines, first line is the parameter = false, similarly to how you have it now. The second line should be to specify if the parameter is not used (IsNull)

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((  [IsPending] Equals *checked*  AND

[SOLine.ReasonCode] Does Not Equal 'PENDING'  ) OR

[IsPending] Does Not Equal *checked* )

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((  [IsPending] Equals *checked*  AND

[SOLine.ReasonCode] Does Not Equal 'PENDING'  ) OR

[IsPending] Does Not Equal *checked* )

Daryl, that did the trick! I always forget that you need to say basically “Do this if checked; else, do this instead.” I had to create a ridiculously long condition to get everything that they wanted (and had to get the (( )) double brackets just right lol) but it worked! Thanks Daryl and Benjamin!



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