MRP Grouping Quantities When Creating Produxtion Tickets

  • 20 October 2021
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Does anyone know of a way to generate production tickets from MRP for the total quantities that are in demand for an item.  Currently it is showing the same item multiple times and if you generate tickets it will create one by one instead of a sum of the quantity.  If we manually sum the qty and create a work order for that quantity, mrp still shows the demand one by one until it’s complete.  Quite cumbersome to keep on track.  Any suggestions?


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That’s what Group Planning is used for. The system groups/consolidates all planned orders on an item with a date within the number of days that you specify for that item, see screen shot below. The first planned order selected determines the starting date for grouping.

Note that MRP will still show MRP plan (demand) for item individually in MRP Display and that is useful to track where the demand comes from but you use group planning to create production order in with sum/consolidated qty.




For more detail and see example, check link below:




Ah that’s really helpful thank you.  I will test this out. 

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It would be helpful to be able to set this at the item class level so you would not have to worry about it on every single stock item.  It would also be helpful if there was an indicator on the screen to provide a subtotal for the group, or let you know that it is a group production type. (Yes, there is the group number, but a simple indicator could also help)

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An update to this, you can manually add in the group number (it may be obvious to some, but I wanted to put it out there) when you choose the Purchase or Manufacture process button. You can override or add in a group number and it will consolidate.  It would be nice if it gave you a total somewhere though. 


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