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  • 9 September 2021
  • 2 replies


We are looking for the best approach to externally feed data and selections into the manufacturing product configurator.

For instance, if a certain combo box option is selected on the sales order, data from another field or table is automatically fed into the product configurator. 


Looking for information on any of the following:

  • How to use import scenarios with product configurator
  • How to use API with product configurator
    • And endpoint extension you can send me?
  • Business events or push notifications with product configurator
  • How product configurator keys work and if these keys can be externally generated and fed into the SO

Thank you!!


2 replies

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I can answer a couple of these - unfortunately the Product Configurator as it is today is not setup well for external manipulation.

  • There are no API endpoints exposed.  This is on the Roadmap for the future.
  • Product Configuration Keys can’t be externally generated.

There hopefully is someone in the community that can help with your import scenario request as well as assist with business events / notifications.

Thanks @angierowley75 

A recommendation for future development would be a ‘config key’ like parameter that contains a ‘reversible hash’ of every chosen configuration option. For example, a Product A configured to be 20 cm in length with color blue selected would have the configuration hash A20B. The same product configured in green would have the hash A20G. 

With this feature, any system internal or external could calculate this hash on its own and feed it into the sales order line to bypass the configurator’s GUI.


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