Sales Tax Avalara/Certcapture Integration force or override tax exemption in Acumatica

  • 26 July 2021
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We implemented Avatax with Certcapture about four months ago. If I have a customer that is generally exempt but has a project that is not, I have been going into Certcapture to expire the exemption to force tax. This is a cumbersome process. Avatax has an option to set an over ride word to force tax but Acumatica does not that I know of support this. The over ride in Avatax is looking at the entity usage code field for that information. I am unable to add an over ride code into Acumatica’s entity use code field. I talked with a few people at the Summit and the only suggestion I received was to create a duplicate customer different address.

Any help is greatly appreciated.  


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You noted that the Entity Usage Type field wasn’t working for you -- is this usually set to Default?

Also… can you provide information on how you have Acumatica linked to CertCapture? We’ve got the Acumatica to AvaTax link set up but from what I’ve been able to tell/been told there was no further linkage.


Correct the entity usage is set to default due to Avatax determining the taxable status based upon tax product code, usage type, etc. To explain, In Avatax if you were going to use the Override keyword it would be looking for that keyword in the entity use code field in Acumatica.

On Certcapture, it is tied into Avatax and because Avatax is integrated to Acumatica that’s how Acumatica see’s the exemptions. You would not have to use Certcapture you could use exemptions in Avatax, we just need more capability. We have over 2k certificates at this point.



I did not feel the need to start another discussion on this but wanted to add to the list of challenges we face on a daily basis. 

The new struggle is this, If we have an order that went through the process and was invoiced and shipped. Customer comes back that they are tax exempt for whatever reason. The process for correcting and invoice to remove taxes is a nightmare. Then If you are trying to do so in an SST state, this is even more complicated. It would be nice if you could simply correct the invoice and apply the exemption. This is not the case, you must create a credit memo with two lines to credit the taxes and balance. If it is an SST state you must create a credit memo then a debit memo for the original non taxable amount. 

I hope someone is following me here. We don’t seem to have many Avatax users in here and this is far more challenging than one would think. 

Any discussion from someone using Avatax is greatly appreciated or otherwise.

Interesting bit of information, TaxJar has halted all sales of their service to Acumatica customers till they resolve the integration issues they are struggling with.  


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Anyone have any experiences with using Avatax they can share with @kenddb ? Thanks!

Thought I would update on this.

We were able to build a Taxable entity use code into Acumatica which passes to Avatax and enables us to override the exemption in Certcapture.


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@kenddb , is it a customization to add Taxable usage type?

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@kenddb , is it a customization to add Taxable usage type?

sorry for jumping a gun on this. I just figured that it can be done through a Workflow customization. Thank you!

It is not, Although I did have my partner do this for me. They didn’t fully understand the goal and purpose so I had to get into some detail. 



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