Is there a bolt-on integration with Acumatica CRM and a text messaging platform?

  • 28 January 2022
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More and more people we cold call want to communicate thru text messaging. 

Is there a known 3rd party solution/integration that give us the ability to create and respond to text thru the Acumatica platform?


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Have you seen this SMS Text Message demo from awhile back?


Or you can build a custom solution using Twilio:

Thank you for your reply. However, this isn’t what exactly what I had in mind.

In both of these examples, it seems the communication is one way and doesn’t allow for a customer to respond. In my dream scenario, I am looking for a two-way communication system via SMS that will log and record each communication as an activity to the business account. Communication that was hasn’t been responded to would show up on a dashboard of sorts on the business account owner.


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I think the route with no coding involves something like this:

If you want to go the code customization route, then I would recommend creating an extension library that uses Pipedream to communicate with Telnyx for sending and receiving SMS. I haven’t done this using Acumatica, but I have done it using other systems and it works very well (you could use Twilio also, but I prefer Telnyx).

I think it would be a relatively straightforward customization using these tools. You can use Pipedream to receive webhooks from Telnyx SMS, and then send the data to the Acumatica API using REST. Similarly, replies to the customer can go through an Acumatica webhook to send an SMS to the customer with Pipedream/Telnyx (this might be useful:

Telnyx also allows you to do other fancy stuff like call your end user and read their text message to them (IVR APIs). We use this for an emergency alert system and its pretty cool.

This is definitely doable, but absent tying into the Acumatica email correspondence functionality, I think it’s going to require some coding.


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