Import Scenario to update Unit Price on Invoice

  • 25 November 2021
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I have a scenario where I need to Ship and Invoice a Sales Order via an import scenario. Occasionally I will need Qty Shipped to be different than the Qty on the Sales Order and I also will need to update the unit price on the invoice that is created. This will take 2 import scenarios because the unit price is not available on the shipment form. I have figured out how to get the shipment import scenario working. 


However the import scenario I have built for SO303000 is adding a new line to the invoice, not updating the existing one that matches the item.


Any ideas what could be causing that? 


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7 replies

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Hi @Brian Rowerdink 

Please use following two lines to update existing SO line. 

  • first line highlighted below is to search/ locate the SO line you want to update
  • Second line is deactivated ( -1 normally inserts a new line)
  • Third line is to supply the inventoryID which needs to be updated with new price


Let me know if this helps. 

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Hi @Brian Rowerdink  Addition to @vkumar still, if you have any queries on the import scenarios, below article will helps you a lot.


@Naveen B I had already found that link, but thanks for sharing. @vkumar It appears I have the lookup section the same as yours but when I run the scenario it adds a line, and doesn’t update the one above. Any thoughts? This is the SO Invoice screen. 



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@Brian Rowerdink If possible, can you please attach the updated import scenario here?  I can take a look and let you know, if I found anything.

I have made progress. I hadn’t change the Source Value to =[Transactions.InventoryID], but once I did in the scenario, it updated the unit price. I just need to confirm the search will work with multiple lines and I noticed it is not updating the Ext price. Should be Qty times Unit price. 

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Hi @Brian Rowerdink 

You may map the extended price column manually as well if the values are available on import source file. 

This is how the column behaves :

Ext. Price The extended price, which is either the unit price multiplied by the quantity or a manually entered amount that may not be equal to the product of the unit price and the quantity.
If you want to update the extended price automatically to the current value (that is, the applicable sales or default price multiplied by the item quantity), you can use the Recalculate Prices and Discounts action. If you have modified the extended price once and saved the document, the value will not be updated by the system if you change the document date.



Thanks, I have it working now. 



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