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Is there a way I can store a value in a variable while running an import scenario?  I have a situation that would easily be solved if I could store a value temporarily and then use that value later in my steps to store in a field and/or to use it in a logic statement.

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Hi @PRapnikas  I don’t think we can store variable on the import scenarios.

Could you please let me know your requirement and what your trying to achieve so that I may suggest you the alternate approach, if I can.

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The biggest situation is when I’m trying to consolidate separate phone fields into 1.  I have logic like:

Variable =IIf([Field Phone 1] > ‘’, [Field Phone 1], ‘’)
Variable =IIf([Field Phone 2] > ‘’, [Field Phone 2], ‘’)
​​​​​​​Variable =IIf([Field Phone 3] > ‘’, [Field Phone 3], ‘’)
​​​​​​​Variable =IIf([Field Phone 4] > ‘’, [Field Phone 4], ‘’)

[New Field Phone] = Variable             // Set a new field to the Variable
=IIf(Variable > ‘’, Variable, ‘’)              // Use Variable in a formula.​​​​​

The above is an example and much simpler that what I am doing.  But this should give you an idea of what I am trying to accomplish.


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