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  • 6 October 2021
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We are trying to run a few import scenarios one after the other. 
We want to import customers then customer notes then customer locations

There are 3 separate scenarios that accomplish this. 
What is the best way to accomplish this? 
Is scheduling them via the Process Import Scenario screen the best way? 
Or is running them one at a time the best way? 

Thanks in advance!


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The way I do this is to use Automation Schedules from Process Import Scenarios as you mentioned above.  Screen Id: SM205020.  You just need to set them to run in the order you need them.  I usually give mine 5 min but they are very small batches so just make sure you set each one to run after the last was finished.  As far as I know you can not set an action or anything on a previous import to trigger the next one unfortunately.


I am curious though why are you doing this with 3 imports and not just all under the same import.  My understanding is that you can add all 3 under the Customer screen on an import.  See the screenshot below.


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@greglang, thanks for confirming what I thought. 
The issue is that the client is providing the excel files & is not putting all the needed fields in one spreadsheet. 
When we extract the data ourselves, from a legacy system, we do combine the fields into one spreadsheet. 
The field that gives us the most issue is the Parent Accounts. This is because they need to be created prior to use. currently we run the import for the Business Accounts without parents & then again with parents. We switch the source restrictions on the import scenario. If we could string them together, we could have 2 different imports to accomplish this.

Thanks again!


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