Shopify - Acumatica Sales Tax Rounding Issue - Avalara AvaTax

  • 18 December 2020
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Has anyone else experienced issues with rounding errors between Acumatica and Shopify?

  • We have Shopify Plus with Avalara AvaTax integration, and Avalara AvaTax in Acumatica for all other orders
  • We are regularly seeing rounding errors of a few cents between what gets calculated on the front end in checkout vs. what gets calculated in the sales order in Acumatica when our connector imports it
  • There does not appear to be an option to force the tax amount from Shopify and bypass the tax calculation in Acumatica so that all totals lines up

FYI we are not yet on Acumatica Commerce so using a custom connector.

I know this is a typical issue and often just handled with a “slop” account for rounding errors, but just wish this wasn’t the case since Avalara should be making the calculation in the same way regardless of the platform. Guessing there are some character limits that may be causing this?


Either way, curious if anyone else has experienced this and how you dealt with it?


Thanks in advance!


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Hi @nikki72 

Best way to deal this is to avoid re-calculation tax in Acumatica (bypass the tax) and add the same tax as custom tax for order.


Btw, if Price/Cost decimal places set to 2 in Companies screens of Acumatica, then chances are less of getting rounding issues since Shopify calculates the tax with 2 decimals.


Please let me know for any further queries

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@nikki72  Thanks for the question. I also noticed this question is raised by many of our customers. Soon I will write an article about it. 

Using Acumatica Commerce Connector, if you configured the same Avalara account in both Shopify and Acumatica then the chances of discrepancies are greatly reduced.

Also, when the order is imported into Acumatica from Shopify, we force the Sales Order to have the exact taxes as it was in Shopify to make the Order total and Payment Total to be same. 

But the taxes might be different when the Sales Order is converted to Sales Invoice. This is because Acumatica will always recalculate the Taxes at Sales Invoice. According to GAAP(Generally accepted accounting principles), this is a must as ERP is also treated as an accounting software. We cannot bypass this. 

The easiest way to handle this would be is using the automatic write off procedure and you can provide the write off limit per customer and it is treated per document. 

I apologize if I haven't provided the answer you are looking for. Also, your current connector might have a customization to enforce to bypass the tax recalculation at Invoice and I was told it is not right. 

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We have a knowledgebase with step-by-step instructions on how to automatically handle tax and shipping discrepancies between eCommerce sites and Acumatica, here - 



@josh.fischer I am unable to access that link - can you please assist?

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Hi @annekseymour it appears your account was not linked to the “customer” role which gives you this access. I have fixed that but you will need to sign-out/sign-in to the community for the change to take effect. Thanks!


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