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  • 15 February 2024
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Hello Guys, as always thanks in advance for any help provided here.


My controller is asking if there is a way to look at a report that just show AR transactions, and NOT   “SO transactions”. He says that all orders originate from SO, then they go to AR, and from there they end up in GL. He wants to know a way to pull JUST transactions that were done in AR (modifications, dollars changes, etc) that were done specifically in AR.



He wants to be able to filter out by the Types or AR transactions done in AR, linked to the SO transaction.... so he can then compare, and match with GL. That shows the SO that originated from, but shows the changes made in AR.

Does that makes sense?


We have another Vendor we use for reporting called DataSelf that is only looking at the SO, not the AR. And they are having some discrepancies


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3 replies

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You could filter then out by the CreatedByID not being SO301000 or SO302000. Also the ARTran table has some SO fields so SOOrderNbr so you could exclude based on that. 

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Hi @jorgep17 You can use the sales profitability analysis GI (ScreenId=AR601000) that comes out of the box. This will give you detail for invoice lines, you can then join to ArTran to SoLine to get so lines details. I have a GI for this this that I’m happy to attach.

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The ARInvoice table has a field called OrigModule which indicates where the originating module is (AR, SO, etc). You can use that as the filter in your GI/Reports.


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