Project is Required but was not specified.

  • 20 March 2023
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I am trying to  find out how can i solve this error on the Journal Transactions screen. Can anyone please help me here.


This is the error I am getting.

Project is Required but was not specified. Account '214875 ' used in the GL Transaction is mapped to Project Account Group.


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Yes, Look in the Chart of accounts, please. Accounts with Account Group specified do require a roject & task in order to Save the Transaction. Alternatively, you may use the Non-posting Project id listed in Project Preferences screen. The non-posting project is typically “X”.

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@param2022 you will need to specify project X for that line item since the GL account is linked to an account group as laura said.  you can confirm what the “non-project code” is by going to the Project Preferences under general settings:


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@Laura02 @iqraharrison48 If I want to add a particular project instead of the project X what settings do I need to configure ?? Is it possible to add two Line Items in the GL with two different Projects ?? Thanks for the reply. 

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@param2022 you would just specify the project but you need to confirm the GL account is specified in one of the account groups.  what type of cost is this? you may also be asked to specify the corresponding project task and/or cost code based off your set up

you can add as many lines as you want for as many projects as you want given the GL accounts are in an account group and the journal entry balances

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Yes, if your transaction is related to a specific project, then you can and should enter a correct Project, Task and optionally, Cost Code on the transaction lines (versus X non-project). Projects and Tasks used in transactions must be Active status and GL checkbox checked on for Visibility by module (General tab of projects screen).  There are no additional settings on Projects that must be configured in order to use Projects in GL Transactions. 

In GL, you may mix different projects & tasks on different lines.  In AP, whether we can mix different projects on different lines of documents depends on Require Single Project per Document setting in AP Preferences (Construction edition). 

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Hi @param2022 

Adding to above clarifications,

  • if a GL account has been added to Project Account group, one has to use regular Project on those transactions (non project code ‘X’ wont work)
  • If you are creating manual journal transaction, and are unable to access the correct Project, do check if you have Project access restriction group set. If yes, you can enable access to logged on user for those restriction groups to fix the issue. 

Hope this helps,



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We can use Non-Project X with a GL account that is connected to an account group.  Some accounts may have certain transactions that need a real project and some transactions that do not need a project. For example, Supplies Expense: we may purchase project-specific supplies, or we may purchase supplies for use in our office.

To demonstrate: Account 40000 and 40010 are connected to an account group:

We are able to post transactions to 40000 and 40010 using non-project X and no task:




Laura is correct, you can use Non-Project X with a GL account that is connected to an account group.


This error is also showing up for my client when trying to post a payment with a charge from the Checks and Payments screen, with the Entry Type offset account being in an Account Group.


Going to the Journal Transactions screen, I have noticed that upon inserting a new line in the Details tab, the Project/Contract field is automatically populated with ‘X’ (first screenshot). However, upon selecting an Account, this field is reset (second screenshot).




From this, I concluded that the error that I am getting on the Checks and Payments screen , “Project is Required but was not specified. Account '0600570 ' used in the GL Transaction is mapped to Project Account Group.”, is occurring since the Charges does not specify a Project code, hence when the resulting Journal Transaction is created, the Project/Contract field is reset. To further confirm this, I am able to post a Banking Transactions in the bank charges Entry Type without any errors since the Project code can be specified on that screen.




This was tested on 2022R2 build 22.208.0012.

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For Fixed asset Depreciation Transaction this same error coming up , however there is no filed to record project Code / Task  how to resolve this ?

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Hello @jvarughese23 ,

Remove account group from Depreciation accounts in Finance → Chart of Accounts screen.



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