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  • 29 December 2020
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Client has the following accounts setup –

Account A is an Expense Account with a Credit Balance

Account B is an Expense Account with a Debit Balance


They would like Account A to show as a positive on the P&L even though it is a Credit Balance

They would like Account B to show as a negative on the P&L even though it is a Debit Balance


The client is on the latest version of Acumatica


How can I make this work?  




5 replies

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Hi @mgilman72 

Are referring to the ARM report for P&L.  or is this a new report built using reports designer? I don't seen an option to manipulate the sign on same line on ARM report. I Will check if we can insert a new line or column and manipulate original value. 


Yeah, I was referring to the ARM report.  I ended up creating a new line and multiplying by -1.  I was hoping there was a different way.




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@vkumar it would be nice if ARM could follow the configuration in GL Preferences:



This is especially annoying when you want to sum up multiple accounts in one ARM row and one of the accounts has a different type. I’ve run into many cases where the chart of accounts was not properly setup, or customers that mix asset/liabilities and revenue/expense accounts on purpose in the same numerical range.

In Velixo Reports for Acumatica we resolved this by allowing users to configure the Account Balance Sign at the workbook level - we default to the Acumatica behaviour but users that want to override it can change the configuration easily per Excel workbook:


Thank you for the input.  I have 2 clients going live Jan 1 and once we get live and settled I can see moving them both to Velixo Re[ports for their financial needs.

Velixo is a reporting life saver. We started using it last October after going live in July. Its flexibility and ability to get around Acumatica’s reporting limitations is priceless. I use a combination of ARM and Velixo reports to get my data and reports. Highly recommend it.

As to the ARM reports, the line items print fine without my needing to modify sign with the exception of calculated fields. When calculating a variance the following formula exists on the value line of the column set to maintain the positive/negative variance presentation. I do keep the trial balance set to normal. I find that keeps things less confusing as you know when you see a negative it is a credit. 

  • =IIf( @RowCode='0020'or @RowCode = '0050' or@RowCode='0080' or@RowCode='0120' or @RowCode='0170' or @RowCode='0220' or@RowCode='0270' or @RowCode='0320' or @RowCode = '0370' or @RowCode = '0420' or @RowCode ='0470' or @RowCode ='0520' or@RowCode = '0570' or @RowCode = '0620' or @RowCode = '0670' or @RowCode = '1517' or @RowCode = '1603' or @RowCode = '1640',E-F,F-E) 
  • The combination row lines like operating surplus would be the only place you would need to manipulate the signs if needed.



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