Net/Gross amount entry on AR invoices and AP bills respectively

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Hi all,

I was wondering if there’s any way to configure a tax code with Net/Gross amount entry on AR invoices and AP bills respectively. For example, I’d like the calculation rule to be inclusive line-level for output VAT, and exclusive line-level for input VAT. Is there any way to achieve that, other than creating 2 tax codes?




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Hello @shuang57,

The Net/Gross Entry Mode feature enabled on the Enable/Disable Features (CS100000) form, gives users the ability to specify the tax calculation mode, which the system will use for computing a tax amount in a document, when you enter a document in the system manually. Depending on the specified mode, you can enter either tax-inclusive amounts at the line level or the document level, or tax-exclusive amounts at the line level or the document level. You will also be able to activate the tax amount validation functionality in a document that you enter.

With this feature enabled, the Tax Calculation Mode field becomes available on document forms, such as Invoices and Memos (AR301000):

For more information, refer to the Managing Taxable Documents help page.

So that, as an option, a tax can be configured with the Exclusive calculation rule:

And on the Invoices and Memos form, the Tax Calculation Mode can be manually set to Gross, meaning that the tax amount is included in the item price.

In order not to manually assign the Tax Calculation Mode setting in each AR document, this setting can be configured on the Customers form, and this value will be defaulted in AR documents.

For newly created customers, the Tax Calculation Mode is transferred from the customer class.

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Hi @Julia Golomidova , thanks a lot for your inspiration. And I’ve checked on the vendor side, it also allows to specify tax calculation mode. So that’s a way to seperate AR and AP tax settings.

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Hi Julia

I am using the above setting for Purchases and make use of Gross for the supplier's that quote price with vat inclusive. When doing the PO receipt, Acumatica rights the full unit cost (incl Vat) into stock. That is wrong. It should strip out the Vat. This leads to overstating stock value. When you match the Bill it treats it correctly, but because of the mismatch between GRV value and Bill value, the difference goes to PPV.

Please let me know if I am missing something, or Houston do we have a problem?


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