My Cash Account doesn't balance to my GL financial period

  • 22 May 2023
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I have experienced 2 situations recently where the cash account balance might not match the GL at a given date.  Here is how I reconciled them.


Not all GL transactions are in the cash account:
This can happen if the cash account was opened after transactions have been posted to a given GL bank account.  Unlike other re-balance account screens, the Banking » Processes » Recalculate Account Balance will actually add missing GL transactions to Cash Account that are in the GL but not the cash account.  This is not very well explained in Acumatica Open University but I discovered on a recent ticket to Acumatica.  To take advantage of this solution, rebalance the cash account as of the oldest financial period available.

Transaction dates don’t match Financial period.
Acumatica let’s you override the financial period after entering a transaction date.  Bank reconciliation runs on transactional date but the GL runs on Financial Period. 

  • I had a client post many (read millions of dollars) to the current financial date which was the 1st to 4th date of a new month but back date the financial period to the previous financial period.  They wanted to back date the financial implications for financial period/reporting purposes.
  • They compounded the issue by posting transaction to the current financial date (1st to 4th) and current financial period.  
    • For example it is January 3 2023 so I let that date populate the Transactional date but I back date the financial period to 2022-12. 
    • Then I post (millions again) to January 1st to 4th but with the financial period of 2023-01. 
  • Now there is now way with native reporting to distinguish transactions dated to January 2023 but posted to December 2022 or January 2023 financial periods. 
  • When I go to reconcile the bank as of December 31, 2022, those transactions will not appear in my cash account as of December 31 2022.

What to do?  Here is what worked for the client in my case:

  • Create a new reconciliation as of the applicable date, in this case December 31, 2022.
  • Perform the reconciliation as per normal.
  • The cash account will balance from bank statement to cash account, however to get it to reconcile to the GL:
    • Extract/export to Excel from Acumatica GL, in the current financial period(s) and identify the transactions dated to a future period.
    • This should identify the reconciliation difference between the GL and the transactional date based Cash Account.
    • The objective, appease audit reconciliations after the fact.

I hope my trials help you in your Acumatica journeys.  :-) 

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