INITEMPLAN ISSUE: Customer in Status Credit Hold, Terms Prepay. New SO, SO Status is on hold, they remove the SO hold and everything that is changed after that creates INItemPlan issue.

My Client has customers that are setup with Prepay Terms. Some of the Customers sometimes are with Status: Credit Hold. 

While the customer is set as Credit Hold and Terms are Prepay, users create a Sales Orders. The order changes to Status On Hold until a Prepayment is entered, then they enter a prepayment/payment and SO Status changes to Open. So far, great… Customer is still on a Credit Status so the user goes and changes it to Active. All of the sudden I get a report that I have an issue in InItemPlan where the Hold field is True (t), while all other tables the status is False (f).

There is a known issue and says it was fixed in Build 2021 R1 21.102.0070:



My client has 2021 R1- Build 21.106.0024 and I do have the GI that is provided on the the link above. I even created a Widget and Business Event to alert and send out an email when this happens.

So far what I gathered after all the testing that was done, we think it has to do with SO Cache not refreshing or reading when customer status changes.


Any thoughts on this?


Thank you 

Wileyska Sandoval.

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