How can we Link between Budget in Finance module with Project Budget

  • 21 July 2021
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Dear all,

We want to ask about how we can link between Budget in Finance module with Project Budget in Acumatica?

Thank you for your kind attention

Best Regards,

Agung Edhy Triyono


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5 replies

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Hi @agung42,

Can you provide more details on your requirements? Are you trying to build some sort of report that shows you the total by project for an account group (ex: travel expenses), and use that to build your finance budget?

Hi @Gabriel Michaud 

Exactly the requirement is:
- Using the Budgets from Finance module, we want to constraint so that the budget amount in the Project Budgets from Projects module will not greater than Budgets from Finance module.

We have budget amount 11,000 for account no. 51200

If we see on Chart of Accounts, the Account Group for 51200 is LABOR

When we create Projects. we want to constraint the Original Budgeted Amount or Revised Budgeted Amount so that not more than the 11,000

I hope it make it clear.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Best Regards,

Agung Edhy Triyono

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Pak Agung, how are you? :)

I think this would be possible via Business Event, not exactly linking them but that can notify you if the project budget exceed GL budget. They both are linked through Account Group so you can technically link them.

However, that would only compare GL budget to one project only as opposed to entire projects. You may have multiple projects and each has labor budget less than 11,000 but the sum of it across projects could be way more than your GL budget. You should restrict over budget that includes all projects in my opinion.


Kristian Harianja 

Hi @kristianharianja 

Your idea is absolutely true. 
We would like to restrict over budgets for all projects with the same account and subaccount.

How can we perform that?

Thank you for your kind attention

Best Regards,

Agung Edhy Triyono

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I agree with @kristianharianja -- business event is a good way to go, however it would be used to send a warning e-mail, not to block entry. If you want to prevent saving of the budget a customization needs to be added; there’s nothing built-in to do that.


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