ARM Project Reports

  • 6 January 2021
  • 2 replies

We are trying to use the ARM Project Reports for a rolling 12 months.  We would like to add the Task’s Revenue Budget in the report.  Has anyone tried that or have a better idea?

2 replies

Do you just want overall project budget (from the Project Profile screen) or do you want the Monthly “Project Budget Forecast”?  The overall project budget (Original/Revised/Committed) can be selected in the “Amount Type” field in the column sets, but this doesn’t account for periods.

If you want the monthly Project Budget Forecast numbers, I would strongly advise you chat with @Gabriel Michaud about Velixo, as we ran into the same issue with one of our clients who was trying to compare actuals to monthly forecasts for projects and this wasn’t available in ARM reports when we were looking at it about a year ago.  We spent way too much time looking at options to pull this information in a Report Designer report, but it was slow and inflexible and Velixo is just easy!

I agree that Velixo is the way to go on this.  This particular possible client is having an issue with add ons, so we had to find an organic solution.

So far the winner seems to be an off balance account group that can be loaded thru budget transactions.  It allows us to use it on the ARM report and has minimal effect on the balances tab. 

Thanks for taking the time to respond.  I really appreciate other VARs having input on projects.


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