Site Restarting Due To Memory Leak

  • 22 January 2021
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We are experiencing that our site is restarting several times throughout the day causing a lot of issues for us. These don’t happen at regular intervals, so it’s not a scheduled IIS process issue. I’ve been keeping an eye on the System Monitor to track our resource usage. I noticed that shortly after a restart, even with peak traffic we never use more than about 3,000 MB at a time. However throughout the day this will slowly creep up until we hit our limit and then the site crashes and restarts again. This makes me believe there is some sort of memory leak.

I attempted to troubleshoot this with the memory profiler DotMemory, however upon starting a profiling session DotMemory immediately complains of high GC pressure and pinned objects in Gen0 then crashes after about 5 minutes. I even unpublished all our customizations and got the same result.

So I guess my questions are:

  • Does anyone else experience these crashes? If so do you notice your memory creeping upwards like we do? Do you have any tips to reduce these?
  • Is this a known issue? It seems to happen in base Acumatica 2020 R1 without any customizations
  • Has anyone successfully done a memory profiling of Acumatica? If so, what tools did you use?

Anyone have any suggestions?

4 replies

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Do you have any Scheduled Processes?

Are you using Mass-Processing pages for releasing Invoices or other documents?

Is the instance hosted by Acumatica or on your cloud provider? 

With regards,

@samvellaHBl7QVBU6C6KqXsC79Q Thanks for the response, any information you could offer would be fantastic.

We do use Scheduled Processes. We made sure to stagger them so they don’t all run at the same time, and checked if the crashes coincide with any particular process, which they don’t seem to, but that’s not to say they aren’t bricking memory.

We definitely do also use Mass-Processing pages for releasing documents. Is this known to cause issues? That’s something I haven’t investigated yet.

The instance is hosted by Acumatica for now, but we are planning to host it ourselves soon

If you are on a SaaS instance then the easiest thing to do is open a case with Acumatica. They can look at it from the backend with tools not available via the UI.  

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John is right, if it is a memory leak, Support Team can help to identify the issue. 

Here is the troubleshooting performance issues guide you can also check 


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