Approval map, delayed notification of additional employee

  • 19 July 2021
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I have an Approval Map use case for sales order that I cannot figure out.

  1. Employee is immediately notified.
  1. If the employee responds within 14 days the document is completed.
  1. If the employee does not respond within 14 days then a second employee is notified.

My initial thought was to make two steps, placing a decision wait time on the first step.  However, if the first employee responds I do not want the approval to fall to the second employee.

Does anyone have any ideas how this can be accomplished?





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4 replies

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@rherbelin85 I’m trying to configure a similar use case.  Have you figured it out yourself since no one provided advice here?  There’s unfortunately no useful explanations in Acumatica Help on how to use decision wait time and Acumatica Support acknowledged there are no courses available for approval map training.

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Hi @rherbelin85,

Having a similar issue, did you find a solution for delayed notification on the secondary step?

Thank you,

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I would try to set the execute step for step 2 to “If no approvers found at previous step”. If I find an approver at step 1 do not execute step 2. That in conjunction with the decision wait time in step 1 should provide what you need.





Crestwood Associates 

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I have same scenario but its not working. can you share with me your settings? 


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