550 5.7.1 Message detected as spam. [1626014335-920365].

  • 11 July 2021
  • 4 replies

We have been sending emails regularly and this is the first time we receive this message.  These are not spam emails, its information we provide to our customers which they provided their emails.  How can I remove this error/flag? 550 5.7.1 Message detected as spam. [1626014335-920365].

4 replies

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Hi @Ryan49,

What is the e-mail service you are using to send the messages? This message is returned by the SMTP gateway that receives your message and is not related to Acumatica. 

Hi @Gabriel Michaud 

We use enom central.  We have been working on the SPF record to assure it’s correct and it also turned out that I changed the wording and formatting on the email template we use and its working again. Not sure what was in the message itself that would trigger it as SPAM, technically we have the same information in there.  

I am still not 100% if we have the correct configuration when it comes to the host records but I have been doing some testing of the domain and we seem to be okay.  So any suggestions would be appreciated!


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@Ryan49 your provider (enom central) is likely the best company to help you with this. They’ll be able to check in their logs why the e-mail is considered as spam.

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As spam filters get more complicated, spammers update their emails to get around the spam filters.  This forces spam filters to be made yet more complicated.  If you changed wording, it is possible that certain phrases you were using had been added to the spam scoring system or they simply lowered the required score for marking email as spam.  I used to deal with rejections for spam related to purchase orders sent from our legacy system a few years ago and found a lot of info in the email headers.  Assuming it all still works as it did a couple of years or so ago, the email headers on the rejection could tell you exactly what the issue was.  The good news is that a simple change in language fixing it means your domain wasn’t added to a blacklist.


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