What's the difference/purpose "Include in Qty. Available" and "Sales Allowed" for Warehouse Locations

  • 4 February 2021
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We’re finally starting to get a handle on Availability and Alloctions...I think:blush:


We have a DEMO location with items we do not want included for normal Sales operations, but do occasionally ship to customers or distributors.  Unchecking the “Include in Qty. Available” is a necessity since we do not want these items to be considered as available for normal Sales Orders.  However, with “Sales Allowed” still checked, we can add the items from that location to a Sales Order, but we cannot create a Shipment.


The documentation says this:

Include in Qty. Available A check box that you select if the quantities of goods available at this location will be included in the quantities of available goods and used in shipments and transfers.
Sales Allowed A check box that you select if only issues (direct inventory issues as well as the issues generated from sales orders) are allowed for the location.
You clear the check box if no inventory transactions are allowed for this location, except for inventory receipts generated for purchase receipts of the Return type. If during shipment creation, the system detects that some quantities are available only from this location, the system displays an error message and doesn’t create a shipment.


Hmm,  it seems the undocumented behavior is that “Include in Qty. Available” overrides the other setting.  The last sentence of “Sales Allowed” is a little confusing as well, does it refer to the previous sentence, meaning checkbox cleared?  Does anyone know if we can not include them for availability calculations, but still ship without having to do a transfer?




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If you are using production orders and you are issuing material, you need to apparently have the production allowed, as well as the sales allowed button checked. This seems very counterintuitive, because you don’t want to sell the inventory, but you want it to be available for being used in production. This is not the case, as the Qty Available effects shipments.

The Sales allowed should really be labelled “Issuing Allowed” and the QTY Available should be called “Sales Allowed”


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