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  • 21 September 2022
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Hello all, 
I wanted to ask if there is already a transit process in Acumatica or planned?
The process looks like this: 
A company from Germany orders e.g. metal in China. This metal is brought from the supplier in China to the port and shipped on a ship. The ship is on its way to Germany for at least half a year. In Germany, the goods are transported from the ship to the company, which then ships the material to the customer. In the ERP this should look like this: 
Purchase order to the main warehouse-> Stock transfer to fictitious storage location "Transit", as soon as the goods are loaded onto the ship in China (these transit transactions are to be displayed in an overview, from which the goods receipts can be created) -> As soon as the goods have arrived in Germany, a goods receipt is to be created from the above-mentioned overview, whereby a stock transfer from the storage location "Transit" to the storage location "Main" is triggered in the background and the goods receipt can then be posted as usual. The stock may only be displayed on the fictitious storage location during the transit.
The background of this process is that the goods, which are on the ship for a long time, can be tracked and the customer can be given more accurate delivery times. The buyer can see how much merchandise is still in transit, when it will arrive, and whether delivery times are being met. This allows for a quick response if the delivery is delayed.

Is there a workaround to this process?


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HI @AnastasiaSchroeder88 

Have you looked at business events for this?

I think you could start with these first. 

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@AnastasiaSchroeder88 - Based on the outline of the process above -

  • You will have a virtual warehouse where you originally receive the goods (Please confirm. This is what you are calling a transit location). Are you willing to receive in the Virtual Warehouse?
  • Once the goods reach the port in Germany, you can create a Sales Order of type “TR” and schedule a Stock Transfer from the Virtual Warehouse to the Main Warehouse.
  • While all this is happening, you can use Business Events to trigger emails to the customer about the status of the shipment as @kbeatty21 advised above. I believe you can also use Business Events to trigger transfers.
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Our company has one client who is considering an integrated Container Management system from PC Bennett. 

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I found the links… hope this helps you find a work-around.



PC Bennett


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Thanks for your answers, but it doesn't really hit the point....

@RohitBhandurge Yes, I would like to have a virtual warehouse in the background so that I can keep track of the quantities ordered, but without them being at my actual main warehouse. 

In principle, this process must take place in purchasing. Sales remains primarily unaffected by this. 

To make it easier for the user, it would be great if a transit process is started in the purchase order, a stock transfer happens automatically and this is marked as "transit stock transfer". Afterwards, the employee can create a purchase receipt from a transit overview and the goods are automatically transferred to the main warehouse. In this way, it is possible to track in the article items from where the goods come and whether they are still in the virtual warehouse or have already been transferred to the main warehouse. 

Is Acumatica planning to implement something in this direction? 

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@AnastasiaSchroeder88 - Since you want to keep Sales Process out of this process flow, I’d look at setting up a Replenishment of type “Transfer” with Virtual Warehouse as a Source Warehouse to replenish the Main Warehouse. In other words, when you receive the goods in your Virtual Warehouse, and the requirement arises to sell out of the Main Warehouse, you can trigger a replenishment process to “Stock Transfer” goods from Virtual Warehouse to the Main Warehouse. 


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