Restocking the Default Issue From location in combination with FIFO issue method

  • 10 December 2021
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I’m currently upgrading to 21r2. I have a business need for a warehouse restocking report. This is different than a replenishment or purchasing report.

My goal is to make it so a warehouse picker never arrives at an empty Default Issue From location because it’s already been refilled by restocker. FIFO must be factored, when applicable.

Consider an example Inventory ID `12345` that is Lot Tracked with a FIFO issue method. This item is stored in 4 different locations within a single warehouse:

Location IDs for `12345`:
PRIMARYPICKDefault Issue From location (this is where we pick from)
STORAGE1 — Lot #3 (newest inventory)
STORAGE2 — Lot #2 (older inventory)
STORAGE3 — Lot #1 (oldest inventory)

I need a report (or generic inquiry) to tell my restockers to refill the PRIMARYPICK for `12345` *before* the inventory runs out. It needs to direct them to the correct Location ID that should be used for restocking the PRIMARYPICK. In the example above, this would be STORAGE3 because it’s the oldest inventory.

The Create Shipment action sort of does this now. If the PRIMARYPICK is empty, the shipment will use correctly use STORAGE3 for the inventory transaction.

It’s easy enough to identify Default Issue From locations with a qty less than X. But I can’t figure out a way to identify which random storage location should be used to restock the Default Issue From location with lot or serial tracked items.

Is there anyway to mimic whatever logic Create Shipment is using in a report and/or Generic Inquiry so I can be proactive about restocking the Default Issue From location?

3 replies

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@brothe58 , info about which lots with receipt dates are contained in which locations is stored in the InLotSerialStatus table (LocationId, LotSerialNbr, ReceiptDate).Can you clarify if you need the report show all available lots ordered by Receipt Date or you just need to show only lots which are necessary to replenish the quantity in the primary location (and no more)?

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Ideally, I need to show only lots which are necessary to replenish the quantity in the primary location. I'll take a look at the InLotSerialStatus table. Having access to the ReceiptDate may be all I need to make this work.

Here's a screenshot of a report I've started. I need to populate the ??? in the leftmost column. The Location ID under the triangle is the Primary Location ID. The ??? is where a restocker should go to find more inventory (with FIFO being a factor, when applicable.)

You're right. I need to also consider that there might be multiple lots that need to move from potentially multiple locations.

Step 1 is getting my restockers pointed in the right direction. Thanks for the tip about [InLotSerialStatus].[ReceiptDate].

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Hi @brothe58 were you ever able to work this out? Thanks!


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