Is there a way to create an early ship without adjusting the sched shipment date at SO Line Level?

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Is there a setting I need to look at?  Or is it that the system wouldn’t allow to ship anything prior to the schedule Shipment date unless I adjust it to the current ship date?

Thank you


Best answer by Julia Golomidova 9 June 2022, 09:41

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@nperez94naw - If the Request Date on on sales order is in the future you can create a shipment with that Shipment date.  Once the shipment is created you can change the Shipment Date to the current date. Does this provide you the solution you needed?  



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Also curious in this - we currently select the date in the future for it to ship and then adjust the shipment date back to the actual ship date, but that can be tedious. 

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Thank you @dales50 

When I do that I get the following error (see screenshot below). but I change the Sched. Shipment date to today for instance and no error pops up.

@mpowell that’s what we currently do, and as you say it is tedious. 


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Hi @nperez94naw,

Upon creating a shipment from the Sales Orders form using the Create Shipment action, the system checks the Ship On field value and if it’s greater than the Shipment Date value on the Specify Shipment Parameters dialog box:

The system won’t add such an SO line to a shipment document.

As an option to be able to create a shipment document for an SO line in this case without changing the Ship On date first on the Sales Orders form, you can go to the Shipments (SO302000) form and create a shipment document as follows:

  1. Enter a new document and clcik Add Order button.
  2. On the Add Sales Order dialog box select a required sales order. Notice, that there will be a warning near the Sched. Ship. Date value.
  3. Change the Sched. Ship. Date to the actual Shipment Date.

  4. Add the SO line to the shipment


Hope this helps.

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Thank you Julia

Our client was actually hoping not to make any adjustments at all and still be able to create the early shipment. But I understand that your suggestion is the way it works.

Thank you

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@nperez94naw I created a ‘product idea’ to suggest a resolution in the future. Give it an upvote if you have time so it will be considered in the future! 



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