Expiration Date Tracking Without Lot Tracking

  • 23 February 2022
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We have hundreds of items that require Expiration Dates annually. When an Item gets close to its Expiration Date we must have the product Re-Tested. Is there a way to track Expiration Dates without enforcing Lot/Serial Tracking on items? 


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7 replies

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Hi @scottz38  

One way you could handle this would be to create an attribute to attach to all the items in that class that have expiration dates. 


You can then create a Generic Inquiry to view the expiration dates. 

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Hi @scottz38 


I would suggest you reviewing the Attributes on the Lot/Serial Number level.

I assume the expiration date is specific to the Lot and not the item, which means that the regular Item level attributes won’t be able to handle this scenario.

The customization for Attributes on the Lot/Serial Number level is available on the Acumatica’s GitHub by the below link:

GitHub - Acumatica/Acumatica-LotSerialNbrAttribute: Adding Attribute Support to Lot/Serial Number

Lot/Serial number tracking does NOT work well with an Integrated POS system. So we do not want to tie the expiration date to any Lot/Serial number. I have add the Attribute for this to see if Kbeatty21 advice works.  Thanks for the responses though, I do appreciate them both!

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Hi @scottz38  

One way you could handle this would be to create an attribute to attach to all the items in that class that have expiration dates. 


You can then create a Generic Inquiry to view the expiration dates. 

Hi @kbeatty21

This wouldn’t fit into the requirement, if there are more than one physical items with different expiration dates.


Why you don’t want to use the lot an serial number tracking? As @SamvelPetrosov mentioned you have addiontal the possability to work with attributes. So you can design the behaviour what yours needs are.

PatrickSchlenker90 - The constraint/bottleneck with using the Lot/Serial tracking available with Acumatica happens at the Point Of Sale (POS). We tried this and had to turn off Lot/Serial tracking for the seed items I’m mentioning and if anyone doesn’t know it, it costs a fortune to turn off Lot/Serial tracking “after” you have implemented it and used it on items. We sell millions of dollars of “various seeds” Flower, Vegetable, Food Plot, Lawn Seed etc. online and through our retail store. The turnover of this seed is extensive. So we really only need to track expiration dates of all inventory left in our physical store. When the seed arrives it can have many different lot/serial numbers per seed for the same batch and we order hundreds of different seeds. So as you can see we end up with thousands of lot/serial numbers (but all have the same expiration date which is always 1 year from the Test Date on any incoming batch. At our POS it requires us to “select the correct lot/serial number” and there can be thousands to choose from. At any rate with the way lot/serial numbers are tracked in Acumatica integrated with our POS it just didn’t work for us. I was thinking there must be a way that when a seed order arrives we could enter the date the “batch” of seed arrived and set an expiration date say 11 months from arrival date. This would allow us one month for any seed in inventory to be sent to the state for retesting. I haven’t found a solid answer on how to make this work.  Thanks for everyone’s help, I DO appreciate it.


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Why not use the Test Date as the lot number instead of the actual lot number?  Is there a way to know the test date at POS?

Could you use the date that is created for the receipt of the inventory?  If you created a Generic Inquiry, you would be able to look at the cost layer. For this to work well, it would be important to rotate the stock properly.


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Hi @scottz38 did the response from @jkoshar90 help or did you find another solution? Thank you!


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