Create and Authorize not picking up orders

  • 5 April 2022
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I am trying to configure the create and authorize process for our client but cannot get it to pick up credit card payments.

From what I read and currently understand, I can use the Create and Authorize function in the Process Orders to look at all orders I want to ship and get a credit card pre-authorization.

Client business process:

  1. The company will create products that are pre-sold up to 3 months before delivery.
  2. The same sales order may have multiple lines with different promise dates.
  3. When the product is ready to ship, the company will get a pre-authorizations to know what shipments should be created.
  4. The card will be charged once the shipment is confirmed.

Configuration and issue:

  1. I set up a client with visatok as the payment method in the demo system.
  2. I entered a sales order for an in stock item with 2 lines. One had today's date and the other one had a future date.
  3. I used the create and authorize from the process order.

Nothing showed up in the create and authorize screen. To validate the order shipping eligibility, I used create shipment and the order the order showed up, indicating there was no date or inventory availability issue.



  1. Is my understanding  of the Create and Authorize process correct?
  2. If so, what are the order prerequisites for the Create and Authorize process to detect orders that need a credit card pre-authorization?

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You need to have a saved credit card set as the payment method for the sales order. If you did set one up for the customer I would just make sure it is set on the Sales Order.


More specifically the payment method has to be active, usable in AR, and of the Credit Card type. In addition the unpaid balance on the order has to be greater than 0.


(based on build 21.210.0030, other versions may have somewhat different criteria)

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That’s what I thought I did. I will go back and check to be sure.

Thank you for the details and quick response!

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Follow up question: Will the create and authorize ask to authorize the whole order or only what is shipping.


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