Confirming Shipment / Grabbing Labels from USPS takes way too long

  • 5 August 2022
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We are trying to wave and batch pick thousands of shipments per day. The system will not allow us to print the labels until the shipments are confirmed, so we have a business event running that will autoconfirm the shipments after they have been picked. This allows the picker to print the labels and packing slips directly after they have picked. 

The issue is the confirmation takes 30-45 seconds or more per shipment. so if we are batch picking 25 orders with the same product on them, it takes 10 minutes until the labels can be printed. There has to be something we are missing here - confirming a single shipment manually only takes a couple of seconds. We are using out of the box integration. 



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Hi @classiter 

Do you have DeviceHub installed for Acumatica and are you using that?

Here is an older blog that might help:

Configuration of the Device Hub - Acumatica Cloud ERP

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@classiter I think you will probably have to benchmark the various processes going on behind the scenes (business event triggers, database calls, etc), in order to figure out where things are bottlenecking. Business events are basically a form of database trigger, and so if you have a high volume process that is triggering the event constantly, you could run into performance issues from making the same database queries, same api calls to, etc repeatedly all at the same time on top of one another.

You don’t necessarily have to be locked into the way that Acumatica talks to For example, if it would be way more efficient to bulk provision postage for the whole set of orders in one go, and than assign that postage to orders throughout the day, you could probably create a customization to do something llike that.

Sometimes the integrations in Acumatica aren’t build around high-volume processes, so just because the integration is there, that doesn’t mean it will work well if you are trying to use it 1000x per second. You may have to get someone to help you architect the integrations around the high volume processes to make them more effiicient. A small delay of 3-4 seconds is probably irrelevant if you are only provisioning postage once per hour, but it is very significant if you are provisioning it once per second.


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