Any way to combine orders onto shipment by address data rather than address id/key?

  • 16 January 2023
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With the Ship Separately feature turned off, we would like to combine sales orders shipping to the same address into one shipment, which is a feature of Process Orders/Create Shipment.

Unfortunately, the combine or not combine logic appears to be based solely on the address id key, rather than the same address data (name, address, city, state, postal code). Our customer often uses the override address on sales orders, rather than create permanent customer locations. Acumatica creates brand new records for each new sales order with an overridden address, even though the address data is exactly the same. The combine shipment feature does not work for us because these override addresses will always have different address id’s, even when the address data is verbatim.

Is there anyway to either:

  1. Prevent new address record if an existing customer address record matches exactly? Or 
  2. Configure combine address logic on Process Orders/Create Shipment to look at the address data rather than the address id/key?

Thank you.


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4 replies

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Hi @gbrazelton14 

I think you would need to have a customization written to do what you are wanting to do.  Check with your partner to see if they have development resources to do the customization or have them outsource it to someone with developers on staff who have experience customizing Acumatica ERP.


David Eichner, CPA

Sr Solutions Architect


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Hi @gbrazelton14 , please post this as a New Idea

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Thank you @Dana Moffat, will do!

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Created product idea here… Distribution - Please improve address matching behavior for combining Sales Orders on a Shipment.


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