How to add dropdown to the main toolbar

  • 25 February 2021
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I am trying to add a dropdown control with dynamic values to the main toolbar of any screen, next to Actions or  Reports menu.

Any idea or suggestions?


Best answer by Naveen Boga 25 February 2021, 16:42

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5 replies

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Here’s an example for you Krunal:


public MyGraph()

public PXAction<SomeDAC> MyMenu;
[PXUIField(DisplayName = "My Menu")]
[PXButton(MenuAutoOpen = true)]
protected virtual IEnumerable inquiresMenu(PXAdapter adapter)
return adapter.Get();

public PXAction<SomeDAC> Item1;
[PXUIField(DisplayName = "Item 1", MapEnableRights = PXCacheRights.Select, MapViewRights = PXCacheRights.Select)]
public virtual IEnumerable item1(PXAdapter adapter)
throw new PXException("Item 1 clicked!")

public PXAction<SomeDAC> Item2;
[PXUIField(DisplayName = "Item 2", MapEnableRights = PXCacheRights.Select, MapViewRights = PXCacheRights.Select)]
public virtual IEnumerable item2(PXAdapter adapter)
throw new PXException("Item 2 clicked!")


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Hi Gabriel,

Thanks for your reply. I am not looking for Menu item but instead looking to add the dynamic dropdown, something like Sales Order Status to the main toolbar.

For example, in below image, I have a dropdown “Select” which I want to move in main toolbar area. Not sure if it is even possible.


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Hi @KrunalDoshi ,

As per my knowledge, this is NOT possible (I may be wrong here), as all the controls should be bind to the FormView.


Can you please explain the scenario/requirement, to have this dropdown on the tool bar?

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@Naveen B is right, now possible, and would break UI/UX concepts used elsewhere in Acumatica anyway.

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Thanks @Gabriel Michaud and @Naveen B 

It was worth a post to see if anyone has any idea there. Normal dropdown on the form would do it for now.


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