Does Acumatica has any method to identify how a record has been created?

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Hello All,


Does Acumatica have any method to identify how a record has been created or is being created? By this I mean whether a record is created by user through UI, an Import Scenario, an API call … or we have to come up with creative solutions? I know in events we have e.External that identifies if UI has made the call or some internal processes but I have not come across entry source identifying methods? Any help is appreciated.


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In the graph itself there are couple of methods ( spelling may be a bit wrong, as typing from the phone ):

1. IsApiCall - you are executed in API context. 

2. IsImport/IsExport - you are in the context of import or export scenario

3. IsCopyPaste - you are in the context of paste


As far as I know, context of creation is not preserved in db. 

But if I would need to distinguish, I'd consider using different users for API calls, import/export scenario. Even more, for API call from different sources use different users. I.e. bigcommerceUser, magentoUser. But for CopyPaste context, I don't have much ideas in the morning.

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Thank you @Yuriy Zaletskyy 

You are great as always. I will give it a shot and if I could make it work, I will put the methods with correct naming below this post for future reference.

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@Yuriy Zaletskyy It worked as exactly you pointed out for runtime. For historical purposes, I added a custom text field to save the “Call Methods” into it for future access.


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