Connection between PMTran and APTran

  • 24 April 2023
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Hello Community,


I need to Join PMTran and APTran. My understanding is the below join should work but when I compare some of the transactions which are generated from AP, their LineNbr doesn’t agree to OrigLineNbr in PMTran. Below is the query I need, which is a simple one but not sure why LineNbr field doesn’t align. 

                var tran = SelectFrom<PMTran>

If this is not the right join, then what is it?


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6 replies

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Hi @aaghaei  I did not check but may work, can you check this please?


var Details = new PXSelectJoin<PMTran,
InnerJoin<ARTran, On<ARTran.tranType, Equal<PMTran.aRTranType>,
And<ARTran.refNbr, Equal<PMTran.aRRefNbr>,
And<ARTran.lineNbr, Equal<PMTran.refLineNbr>>>>>,
Where<PMTran.aRTranType, Equal<Required<PMTran.aRTranType>>,
And<PMTran.aRRefNbr, Equal<Required<PMTran.aRRefNbr>>>>,


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Thank you @Naveen Boga 

the code you provided joins the AR but I need to join APTran to PMTran. The join you provided links the invoices which are generated from PMProforma Invoices to PMTran

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Oops...Sorry,@aaghaei  I thought it was for ARTran. 

Let me check for APTran and let you know If I found anything.

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Thanks @Naveen Boga Appreciate your time pal

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I ended up with the below query and so far it has passed all my tests.

PXResultset<PMTran> actual = SelectFrom<PMTran>


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Thank you for sharing your solution with the community @aaghaei !


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