Commitment Change Order with Retainage

  • 8 November 2021
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I have a commitment created in Procore, synced to Acumatica, and released. Let’s say it’s for $10,000 with 10% retainage or $1,000.

We need to issue a change order and reduce the commitment value to $500. I’m getting an error when trying to release the change order:

“The change order cannot be released because the line total of the Subcontract will go negative.”

I believe the issue is that the retainage is excluded from the line total. So I cannot create a change order that will reduce the amount to less than $1000, which is the same value as the retainage on the original subcontract. 

Any ideas on how I can proceed?

Thanks, Colm


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11 replies

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Hi Colm,

It sounds like you are creating the CCO in Acumatica. Have you tried starting the process in Procore and then synchronizing the CCO to ACE? Do you still get the error message? 

If this does not work, you may have to re-open the released commitment and start the process over. Edit the amount, edit the retainage %, etc...This will cause additional work on the back office side as far as GL/AP/AR, but it should get your project headed in the right direction. 

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Hi Mike. Thank you for the post. The CCO was created in Procore and synced. The error comes when trying to release the CCO in Acumatica.

Let me look at editing the released commitment and removing the retainage. It’s a good idea.

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Sorry Mike if I’m missing something. But I cannot figure out how to re-open the released commitment. What am I missing? 

Thanks! Colm

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Hi Colm,

No worries. The subcontract in your example above is still Open, not closed/released. You should be able to put that back on Hold and make any edits. Once it is Released, in my screen-grab below, you’ll see an option to Re-Open become available. I’m also running 21R2, so there are some differences in our screens. 


I am having the same issue, but because I have released change orders already on the contract, I am unable to post the new CO due to the error and unable to re-open the subcontract. 



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We are not seeing the “Reopen” option after cancelling the subcontract. Any ideas why this would not be available?

Thank you,

Dave Z

Were you able to solve this issue?? We are experiencing the same situation, I was able to recreate on the test site and was able to reopen and remove the retainage, but on the live tenant where it is connected to Procore will not allow me to reopen, it may be the Procore sync.

We are having the same issue. Has there been a resolution to this? Our commitment is not synced to Procore and we still cannot reopen it to remove retainage to write a deductive change order.

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Commitments cannot be re-opened if there are any change orders linked.  Commitments also cannot go negative.   However, in 22R1 you are able to reduce a commitment of $10,000 with $1,000 retainage down to $500 with a negative $9500 change order, it will reduce the Commitment to $450 with $50 retainage.

When is 22R1 being released?

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@heck   It was released in March.  It is available anytime. I suggest requesting a Sandbox so you can do necessary testing.


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